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Truly South African Furniture, Frame and Architecture.

Golden Tree Carpentry was established in 2003 by Jabu Motloung. Trading as Jabu Frames, this company is innovative with its use of raw materials such as rubble from demolished houses, old genuine pressed ceilings and skirting wood. These recycled materials are used to create home decor pieces and furniture.
Products like photo frames, coasters, placemats, wine racks, synthetic garden flowers, chest of drawers, coat hooks and other pieces and all are 100% hand-made, inspired everyday by South African life.

Situated in Johannesburg, Sandton, the heart of South African industry and trade, Golden Tree Carpentry has made its mark as a pioneering company. This is because it specialises in creating beautiful, antique-style home decor and furniture for people who appreciate vintage classics in their life and homes.

Factors below are the summary of what makes everyone deserves to be our customer:

Customer Focus

Consistent customer focus is our most essential factor of our business success. Being “good in client management” means we predict and exceed our customer’s expectations. Jabu’s Frames is a company that is aligned accordingly


Jabu’s Frames create the internal environment in which everyone develops skills and apply them for the benefit of the entire organization. We achieve this through management by example, and by demonstrating a clear vision of this company.

Continual Improvement

“If you cease to improve, you cease to be good.” Our success relies on the continuous improvement of products and general company systems.

Quality and Quantity

Product Quality and Quantity influences Jabu’s Frames reputation:

  • We offer clear superior products with great quality and quantity availability.
  • Delivery of products is always uptime and neatness being followed.
  • We offer superior customer service with high quality materials
  • We provide a smart modern working environment
  • We provide an image that reflects the status of the client.